Petrol Price to Rise on Wednesday

petrol price

On Wednesday, motorists will be hit hard with yet another petrol price increase of 12c/l, said the Department of Energy (DoE).

On the other hand, the price of diesel will drop by 2c/l for 0.005% sulphur and 1c/l for 0.05% sulphur. The price of illuminating paraffin (SMNRP) will drop by 9c/l, while the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will drop by 5c/kg.

Average petroleum product price increases of around 40c/l for petrol and 20c/l for diesel internationally are behind fuel price adjustments. As well as the stronger rand against the US dollar.

These influences reduced the price adjustments by more than 25c/l, said the DoE.

Petrol prices rose more considerably than diesel prices because of a greater demand for petrol in Europe and the US, as the summer season approaches.

April Fuel Price Hike

The exchange rate strengthened considerably over April, said the Automobile Association (AA).

“With a flat oil price, consumers could have expected the price of fuel to drop by up to 29c a litre.”

However, the AA predict fuel prices will steadily rise in SA over the short to medium term, with possible spikes, should the rand come under strain.

In April, the price of petrol 95 (ULP & LRP) was hiked by 88c/l and 93 (ULP & LRP) was hiked by 86c/l.

An increase of 30c/l in the general fuel levy contributed to the hefty hike in April, along with transportation cost adjustments, after the National Energy Regulator approved a pipeline tariff hike. Additionally, the Road Freight Association obtained a tariff increase.

May Petrol Price Increase

On Wednesday, May 4, the price of 93 unleaded petrol inland will rise to R12.44/l and R12.06/l along the coast. Whereas 95 unleaded petrol will cost motorists R12.74/l at the reef and R12.26/l at the coast.


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