Debt Mediation Process

Debt Mediation Process

The many benefits of the debt mediation process!  

  • Can help renew the business relationship with your credit provider (CP)
  • Voluntary, non-adversarial process, unlike litigation
  • Can be used when debt arises from an unpaid bill or loan
  • Helps people to help themselves and maintain their finances in the future
  • Shows good faith on both the part of you and the lender
  • Privacy and confidentiality of debt mediation process allows you and your CP to negotiate more freely and productively
  • Won’t be revealed outside the debt mediation process, so you don’t have to worry about publicity
  • Debt mediation process is without prejudice and can’t be used if court proceedings take place afterwards
  • You and your CP can put your business and personal interests and objectives first by working out a deal
  • You and your CP can choose the outcome of the debt mediation process
  • Considerably more cost effective than litigation as you avoid the accompanying costs time of lengthy court proceedings
  • Agreement can be reached in one day and confidentiality and privacy of mediation process allows you and your CP to come up with versatile, personalised solutions

When you reach an agreement, an enforceable contract can be created and signed

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