Debt Mediation Plan

Debt Mediation Plan

What is a debt mediation plan?

Your debt mediation consultant will negotiate with your creditors to rearrange your debt mediation plan so that it is more affordable, if you are experiencing a cash flow problem and are struggling to keep up with your monthly instalments.

What are the benefits of a debt mediation plan?

  • Protects you from blacklisting
  • Protects you from legal action i.e. repossession of your assets
  • Your payment plan will be rearranged for you with your credit providers to reduce your payments
  • We can apply the industry restructuring rules to your payment plan if you are indebted and then your creditors will be obliged to accept it
  • We will provide you with an affordable, practical and realistic monthly budget
  • We will help to improve your financial situation overall

How does payment work with a debt mediation plan?

Once we have negotiated with your credit provider for lower monthly instalments, insurance rates and other fees, we will provide you with a new debt mediation payment plan. We will then instruct a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) to get your payment from you and distribute it to your creditors on your behalf.

You will only have to make one payment a month, which will be deducted via debt order and made to your creditors as outlined in your debt mediation repayment plan.  Just imagine how much simpler your life will be, when you don’t have to make a whole lot of specific payments to different creditors!

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