Debt Mediation Consultants

Debt Mediation Consultants

What drives our debt mediation consultants at Reduce My Debts?

Reduce My Debts was created with the vision of reducing your monthly instalments by simplifying the debt mediation process for you, our client in mind. With many years’ experience as accredited debt mediation consultants under our belt, we have managed to help thousands of clients become debt-free with our first-rate debt mediation services that really work.

Our Approach

Our debt mediation consultants are different in that we value you not just as clients, but as people.  That is why we take a more personal approach to debt mediation by warmly taking you by the hand and supportively guiding you through the debt mediation process.

Our debt mediation consultants understand that deciding to once-and-for-all confront your debts is not an easy decision and that is why we admire all of our clients and treat them with the respect, discretion and compassion that they deserve.

Our Values

The values of our debt mediation consultants are noticeable in the great limits to which they will go to help you, the client out of a difficult situation.  Our work always reflects the integrity, accountability, transparency and altruism that our consultants represent.

Our Vision

Our debt mediation consultants strive to

  • Value, respect and support our clients throughout the debt mediation process
  • Build robust relationships with credit providers and other important industry role players
  • Educate our clients on how to manage their own finances to enable personal growth
  • Be socially responsible by offering everyone access to debt mediation

Carefully and thoughtfully adhering to the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act.

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