Debt Mediation Advice

Debt Mediation Advice


You may find yourself in debt due to the economy, overspending or unemployment – no matter how you got into this deplorable situation, your most reliable, effective and reasonable way out is to get debt mediation advice.

As a result of debt mediation advice, thousands of South Africans receive clearance certificates and can, with a sigh of relief, call themselves debt-free every year.  The money they earn is theirs alone and no bank, lender or credit provider can claim otherwise.

Almost 500 000 happy customers have followed the advice of their debt counsellors and undergone debt mediation in South Africa, while an average of 6000 people apply for debt mediation on a monthly basis, attesting to its solid effectiveness.

You may be sceptical about undergoing debt mediation as the term can drag out for a while, but this is not always the case as many accounts are in fact payable over 24 months, excluding bonds of course.

The best advice we could give you is to take responsibility for your financial health, educate yourself, find out what your credit status is and know what you can and cannot afford.  If you still end up running into trouble, our next invaluable piece of advice is to be proactive about your situation and to immediately speak to one of our debt mediation consultants.

Don’t spend your days “living in the first-class lounge” that you can’t afford, only to end up barely getting by due to crushing debt.  The feeling of being debt-free is utterly liberating!

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