Debt Consolidation Services

Debt Consolidation Services

you have attempted to apply for a debt consolidation loan at a credit provider on your own and been informed that your application was declined due to affordability, it is time to face the music and realise that you may need professional debt consolidation services.

There is no need to suffer under the strenuous burden of debt when our skilled debt counsellors, at Reduce My Debts can help you exorcise your rights as a consumer with our innovative, effective debt consolidation services.

Once you provide one of our proficient debt counsellors with your financial details, he/she will perform an affordability assessment to see whether you are over-indebted or not.  If they do find you to be over-indebted, your debt counsellor will suggest that you make use of our debt counselling services and we will place you under official debt review.

If your debt counsellor discovers that you are struggling with your finances and are in danger of becoming over-indebted, they will suggest that you take advantage of our debt management services. There are benefits to both of these services.

Debt review/counselling services          

  • Credit providers can’t take legal action against you while you’re under debt review
  • We stop creditors from harassing you
  • We negotiate with creditors for reduced repayments and interest rates
  • We negotiate for an extended repayment term

Debt management services

  • We won’t list you with the credit bureaus
  • We will provide you with budget guidance and a payment plan
  • We can apply for a debt consolidation loan on your behalf

You can opt out at any time without having to endure legal repercussions

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