Debt Consolidation Process

Debt Consolidation Process

You’ll get by with a little help from your debt counsellor

Let’s face it, for the debt consolidation process to run smoothly you really do need the help of a professional. The debt consolidation process can take up to 60 days and your debt counsellor is responsible for informing all of your creditors of the fact that you have applied to go under debt review.

Ideally, the process should begin with you providing your debt counsellor with all of your financial details so that we can assess your situation and discern whether or not debt consolidation is a viable option for you in your current circumstances.

Thereafter, you debt consultant will draw up a payment plan for you and negotiate with your creditors for reduced monthly payments and lower interest rates.  As our experienced debt counsellors have good working relationships with many major credit providers, we are mostly successful in our negotiations to have your repayments reduced to a realistic, affordable amount.

Simpler is always better!

The next step in debt consolidation process will be for your debt counsellor to take out a debt consolidation loan for you, on your behalf. The amount of this loan will incorporate all of your outstanding debts and roll them into one expense account.

Once the debt consolidation process is complete, you will only have to pay a single reduced amount with a lower interest rate each month, which your debt counsellor will have organised for you with your creditors.

We assure you that that our qualified, capable debt counsellors will be able to save you money each month, teach you to maintain your financial health in the future, simplify your debt repayment process and put you well on track, towards becoming the carefree, debt-free individual you once were!

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